Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the Copper Ridge Surgery Center is to provide the highest quality patient care in a safe, efficient, cost effective manner.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Copper Ridge Surgery Center is to be recognized both regionally and nationally as a beacon of quality; the place for outpatient surgery and the place to work.

Guiding Principles

The following principles are fundamental to the way that Copper Ridge Surgery Center operates. They guide what we do and how we do it.


We actively participate as a responsible member of the community.


We are guided by ethical decision making in all that we do.


We constantly assess and modify our processes in order to meet the ever changing needs of healthcare as effectively as possible.


We strive to exceed expectations for all those that we serve through continuous quality improvement.


We acknowledge that our patients, physicians and employees are vital to our continued success.


We advocate patient well-being by consistently providing clean and safe operations.


We foster an environment that promotes effective communication and cooperation between our partners, our employees and our patients.


We provide an environment for the healthcare professional to apply their skills in a manner that is valued.




"Everyone was friendly from check in to discharge. I am very impressed and pleased. You have a fabulous staff. It couldn't possibly have been a better experience. "
- Claudia
"If procedures are necessary, it is a pleasure having them done at the Surgery Center. All processes have been well thought out and streamlined with the patient in mind. There does not seem to be any unnecessary steps or duplication of effort."
- Gary
"Excellent care --- and my anesthesiologist was very caring about my comfort throughout the surgery."
- Ellen
"Always such a nice experience here when you're having medical procedures done. It's never fun, but I try to be positive about it and the staff and docs are great. Glad to find good care here 'Up North.' "
- Heidi P.
"The staff was great at making us feeling comfortable sending our 3-year old in for surgery. They put our minds at ease and he is recovering great. Thanks! - Grant"
- Grant
"The follow up phone calls both from the surgeon and nurse were very comforting, and appreciated. All in all, a first class operation; thanks for your caring"
- Lee M.
"All of the staff were incredible - particularly the nurses that won over my 4-year old in record time, so that he happily and willingly went back with them for his surgery with no hesitation, and the nursing staff that helped care for him post-op. Truly incredible people!"
- Jennifer